Apr 18 2013

New print in progress

Apr 17 2013

Sketch for a new block print!

Apr 17 2013

The last piece in the sociology text book series

This one might be my favorite! Another burned skull on a page about social deviation 😉

I also dig how I stuck with a red/black theme for the whole series!

Apr 16 2013

More of my Earth Day Art Crawl series

This one is a block print on the COVER of the sociology text book I’ve been printing on!

Apr 2 2013

Sneak Preview 2

Something horrible happened to this print and then something wonderful! This page is about cults and utopian societies.

Mar 29 2013

Sneak Preview

I’m working on a limited edition block print series for an eARTh day themed art crawl with an emphasis on recycled materials. I’m block printing on pages from a 1963 sociology textbook! This page is about social control and social deviation. The flower block print appears right before a paragraph about socially accepted deviation.

Feb 27 2013


I have been honored several times this year to be included in some fantastic Etsy Treasuries

A Little Cut Here and a Little Cut There

Print It!

Prepping for Insanity

Be sure to also check out my shop!



Feb 3 2013

New block technique

I’ve been wanting to try a new technique to achieve a multicolored block print from just one plate.

I came up with a simple earth design to test it.

This way, I can roll ink onto each separate puzzle piece of the block, and then reassemble it for printing.

I’m pretty happy with the results!

Available on Etsy soon!

Nov 15 2012

Etsy store update

There are TONS of new prints in my Etsy store for your holiday shopping pleasure.


Nov 5 2012

New Block Print in Progress + First test print!