Jul 1 2014


On Wednesday June 26th the first legal same sex marriages were performed in my home state of Indiana. The joy was almost palpable in the air! I was so excited and happy for everyone that I immediately started working on a special block print to celebrate. My uncles who have been together for more than 30 years recently got legally married in another state, so I understand how much this can mean to real families.

But then a federal appeals court issued an emergency order Friday halting the marriages pending the outcome of an appeal of a federal judge’s ruling that found the state’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional…

I have continued to work on the design, my efforts to support our LGBT friends and family redoubled. I am offering this print as both a blank greeting card, and framed in a 5″x7″ frame and two dollars from every card purchased and five dollars from every framed print purchased I will donate to the Tri-State Alliance, a social service and educational organization that serves the diverse GLBT communities of Southwestern IN, Western KY and Southern IL.

I will have these for sale locally next Saturday at Hand Prints, and will also happily take as many custom orders as I can handle. The rainbow will vary slightly each time I roll out the ink, but that is in my mind all part of the fun!

If you don’t want a card or print please feel free to donate directly to theĀ Tri-State Alliance, or whatever local support group you favor.

Cards are $4 each and 5″x7″ frames are $10.

*I am not affiliated with the Tri-State Alliance in any way. I just think they are doing good work and want to support them!