Sep 24 2012

Colleen Finished

Sep 22 2012

Colleen with Watercolor Detail

Sep 18 2012

Colleen- Work in Progress

“…Then dive down there with the lights to lead
that seem to shine from everything –
down to the bottom of the deep blue sea;
down where your heart beats so slow,
and you never in your life have felt so free.
Will you come down there with me?
Down were our bodies start to seem like
artifacts of some strange dream,
which afterwards you can’t decipher,
and so, soon, have forgotten
Everything. “

Sep 4 2012


Carving in progress detail shot.

The frame in this picture is a 16×20.

These will be available for sale locally at YART in October, or if anyone can’t wait I could set up a sale through Etsy for locals or non-locals.