Feb 7 2012

Aquatint Part 2

Finished Dryad Print

I am really happy with how this piece turned out! The aquatint is kind of sparse but I think it is perfect in this context.

Also feel free to buy a copy on Etsy!


Feb 6 2012

Aquatint Part 1

Yesterday I started adding an aquatint to my Dryad plate. Step one was to make a rosin bag! I ordered a pound of lump pine rosin from Daniel Smith Art Supplies and bought some cheesecloth from a local craft store. I used Wretched Etcher’s Aquatint Tutorial as a guide.

Smash the pine rosin!

The pine rosin looked a lot more like pine rosin than I expected it to for some reason, heh. It is translucent and golden and pretty. I put some in a bag and pulverized it with a hammer till it was a fine white powder. Then I wrapped the powder in several layers of the cheesecloth.

Oops, I made a mess

Then I sprinkled the powder all over my plate.


Then I carefully put the plate on the electric skillet to melt the rosin powder.

I love how the melted rosin looks!

Lastly I painted liquid hard ground over the areas that I want to remain the white color of the paper, and the lines so they don’t etch too deeply.

liquid ground application in progress

Tonight it should be ready to etch and if all goes according to plan I can print a test print with completed aquatint. Wish me luck!