Jul 1 2014


On Wednesday June 26th the first legal same sex marriages were performed in my home state of Indiana. The joy was almost palpable in the air! I was so excited and happy for everyone that I immediately started working on a special block print to celebrate. My uncles who have been together for more than 30 years recently got legally married in another state, so I understand how much this can mean to real families.

But then a federal appeals court issued an emergency order Friday halting the marriages pending the outcome of an appeal of a federal judge’s ruling that found the state’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional…

I have continued to work on the design, my efforts to support our LGBT friends and family redoubled. I am offering this print as both a blank greeting card, and framed in a 5″x7″ frame and two dollars from every card purchased and five dollars from every framed print purchased I will donate to the Tri-State Alliance, a social service and educational organization that serves the diverse GLBT communities of Southwestern IN, Western KY and Southern IL.

I will have these for sale locally next Saturday at Hand Prints, and will also happily take as many custom orders as I can handle. The rainbow will vary slightly each time I roll out the ink, but that is in my mind all part of the fun!

If you don’t want a card or print please feel free to donate directly to theĀ Tri-State Alliance, or whatever local support group you favor.

Cards are $4 each and 5″x7″ frames are $10.

*I am not affiliated with the Tri-State Alliance in any way. I just think they are doing good work and want to support them!

Jun 6 2014

Hand Prints 2014

Here is the call to artists for the third annual Hand Prints printmaking show and sale.


No booth fees and no commission! Hope to see some of you there!

May 8 2014

Life and Death

My newest print was created for my Alma Mater’s Printmaking Portfolio Exchange. I was invited to participate as a guest artist and it was so much fun! The students are all producing really great work right now. I chose to make a two plate block print for the event which was loosely self portrait themed. I took the theme very loosely and made it about the cycle of life and death which is something we are all a part of.

The black and grey ink version is limited edition. 13 of 15 were included in the portfolio exchange. I plan to explore other color variations soon!

May 6 2014


Wow, I haven’t posted in a while, huh? I will admit that there was a lull in my art production over the winter, but this spring has been bustling with artistic activity! I taught my first printmaking class, did some really fun new digital art pieces, and made these new spring veggie block print greeting cards!


Sep 3 2013


I finished the block I started carving at the Alhambra Arts and Music Festival! I think it turned out pretty nice. Let me know what you think!

I will have these for sale at Fall Yart on October 19th. If anyone would like one sooner I’d be happy to create a custom Etsy listing or arrange for local pickup. $15 unframed in any color (11×14 paper size). $25-$40 framed.

Griffin block and the first test print!

Griffin looking stunning in brown and gold

Gold on white paper version



Aug 30 2013

Alhambra Arts and Music Fest

Tomorrow from 12-6pm I am going to be at the Alhambra Arts and Music Festival! I will be selling my art and also demonstrating part of the process of transforming these two sketches into an intaglio etching and a block print.

After the festival, check back here to see the finished prints and find out where you can see them in person!

Jul 9 2013

Hand Prints

Jun 3 2013


Reserve your booth at Hand Prints, Saturday July 27th, our 2nd annual printmaking show and sale. No booth fees! Check the link for more info :)


Apr 25 2013

An evening in the studio

Apr 19 2013

New fox block print finished!